Lago Giuseppe Winery Project

In early 2016, Schaefer Custom Homes completed one of our largest projects to date, The Lago Giuseppe Winery at 8345 Green Valley Road, Templeton. The project required our team to build the entire winery from scratch, which included a 7,500 feet wine tasting and banquet facility plus new infrastructure for a future production facility.


Throughout the project, we utilized our innovative project management software which allowed our team to stay well within our client’s firm budget whilst coordinating their vision for the winery and dealing with general documentation. We worked closely with our clients to stringently value-engineer every specification and to tweak and implement any cost-saving measures without decreasing the project’s quality. Although the investment was huge for our clients, we worked creatively to ensure the value of the project was exceptionally high.


A perfect example of how value-engineering saved our client money was during the electrical wiring stage. Our team redesigned the electrical specifications and slashed our client’s electrical budget by half.


Our clients also made it clear to us they wanted serious attention to detail and a personal touch. This was a perfectly fine with us, as we’re often required to adapt our workflows for our high-end custom home building projects, and because of this boutique approach, we were able to understand our client’s vision for the winery. This understanding empowered us to suggest project changes and modifications to certain sections of the winery because we knew exactly what our clients wanted to see once construction was complete.

In the end, our boutique, personal approach provided our clients with an enjoyable, stress-free custom build that fit within budget and was completed on time.