"Looking back, we don't know how we could have built this house successfully without the assistance of Erich Schaefer. He came into our lives after we released our first general contractor. Feeling battered, bruised and frustrated with the building process up to that point, we considered selling our property and calling it quits. We met with Erich at the suggestion of our Real Estate agent. To make a long story short, Erich quickly gained our trust and restored our faith that building our dream home can be done.

Erich took a project that was Ok and mediocre at best in its conception and turned into an exceptional one. He removed the weaknesses in the original design and made them strengths. He also identified costly design flaws and came up with better, less costly options. He was much more realistic with the cost estimates and as a result we came in comfortably close on budget.

Building a house is a marathon of choices. Erich helped us where we were unsure. He explained where the benefits were and where they were not. This helped us to save money and either keep it in our pocket or put it somewhere else in the house. After having lived in the house for a few months we couldn't think of anything we would have done differently.

In the end we now live in a beautiful house and we're still happily married!!

If we ever build again, Schaefer Construction will be our only choice. Thank you Erich"

Dan, Lori and Sammy Stermer


"If you want a quality home and a builder who tends to the details it's Erich Schaefer of Schaefer Construction. I was living alone when I built my house and Mr. Schaefer worried much more than I did about making sure the house was perfect. I've had other homes built, but none compares to the home I have built by Schaefer Construction.

Mr. Schaefer is very organized and detailed. Every item in the home is numbered and entered in a detailed spread sheet on the computer so that there are no questions as to what has been done. I enjoyed building my home so much that I am ready to build another, but my family is afraid that I might want to move again. Building a home with Schaefer Construction is not only enjoyable but very gratifying. You can have the home you have been dreaming about without any stress.

Many thanks to you Erich.

Betty Parlet


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