Dear Erich, 

Thank you does not begin to describe our gratitude for what you have done. You turned what could have been a very stressful time for us to do something that was fun, educational, and an all-around great experience. We knew from the beginning that our project was in very good hands and the peace of mind that we have had is priceless. 

You could have just gone along with things that we originally picked out and were in the budget. By continuously challenging our choices and trying to find the best possible price and everything, we know that you saved us a lot of money that we were able, in many cases, to direct to other things that we wanted. Although I did not set out to build my dream home, that is exactly what happened and you made that possible. We will forever be silently thanking you as we enjoy everything about our new home. Although your attention to detail and saving money is by now legendary any community it was amazing to experience it ourselves. The house we have simply would not exist without your creative input on so many things. 

I will greatly miss working with you. Although in the beginning I thought I would not like the construction process, it turned out to be something I really enjoyed. Part of the reason, I am sure, is that it was such a joy to work with someone whose mind works a lot like mine. It was so reassuring to be able to let go and know that things were getting done and done right and that I could concentrate on the things that I needed to do for the house.  

A big thank you also to Roseann and your kids for putting up with all the late-night meetings and after our phone calls. We know that this year has been a very stressful one for you but you always met us with a smile and your concentration on our project never seemed to waiver. 

We couldn't be more thrilled with the house. I had no idea that it would turn out the way it did. It perfectly captures the look that was in my head and I can't believe I get to live in it. Although our journey together has come to an end, we hope that we can get together once in a while with your family and perhaps let our grandkids play with your kids. Have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous new year. 

If there was a contractor of the year award it would certainly be yours. 


Jac and Wendy Crawford

Looking back, we don't know how we could have built this house successfully without the assistance of Erich Schaefer. He came into our lives after we released our first general contractor. Feeling battered, bruised and frustrated with the building process up to that point, we considered selling our property and calling it quits. We met with Erich at the suggestion of our Real Estate agent. To make a long story short, Erich quickly gained our trust and restored our faith that building our dream home can be done.

Erich took a project that was okay and mediocre at best in its conception and turned into an exceptional one. He removed the weaknesses in the original design and made them strengths. He also identified costly design flaws and came up with better, less costly options. He was much more realistic with the cost estimates and as a result we came in comfortably close on budget.

Building a house is a marathon of choices. Erich helped us where we were unsure. He explained where the benefits were and where they were not. This helped us to save money and either keep it in our pocket or put it somewhere else in the house. After having lived in the house for a few months we couldn't think of anything we would have done differently.

In the end we now live in a beautiful house and we're still happily married!!

If we ever build again, Schaefer Construction will be our only choice. Thank you Erich

Dan, Lori and Sammy Stermer

Erich built my house in 2004 and it was a wonderful experience. He has to be the best builder in our area. He is professional, knowledgeable and great to work with.

If you want a quality home and a builder who tends to the details its Erich Schaefer of Schaefer Construction. I was living alone when I built my house and Mr. Schaefer worried much more than I did about making sure the house was perfect. I've had other homes built, but none compares to the home I have that was built by Schaefer Construction.

Mr. Schaefer is very organized and detailed. Every item in the home is numbered and entered in a detailed spread sheet on the computer so that there are no questions as to what has been done. I enjoyed building my home so much that I am ready to build another, but my family is afraid that I might want to move again. Building a home with Schaefer Construction is not only enjoyable but very gratifying. You can have the home you have been dreaming about without any stress.

Many thanks to you Erich.

Betty Parlet

Erich Schaefer is the only contractor I would consider for another project. I just finished a project with him and on a 10 scale I give him a 20. I've built many projects and homes with other contractors and with my own partner who is a General contractor. I know Erich to track costs accurately and that he uses perfection as his goal in the details. He is extremely smart and has very studious knowledge of available products to use on any given project. I recommend Erich above all even my own Contractor Partner.

Rick Wegis

Forden's has had the pleasure of working with Erich Schaefer Custom Homes for years. Erich's attention to detail makes him a sought after contractor in our area. Schaefer Custom Homes does beautiful work and provides a high quality finished product. Erich helps his clients choose the right fireplace for their setting. He is thorough and professional. We are always happy to work with Erich.

Forden’s Fireplaces

I have recommended Erich to my clients in the past and will continue to do so. Erich has built some amazing homes and he is always on top of the process, on budget, and recommending options and upgrades throughout the building and planning process. His follow thru and attention to detail is outstanding and my clients could not be happier with his performance. Five Stars!!

Bruce Freeburg, Realtor

I am glad to recommendation Erich Schaefer for Contractor for consideration for all types of custom home projects.  As an Interior Designer, I have had the privilege of working with many local Contractors and he is one that is at the top of my list. My experience in working with Erich has been very positive, he is organized and professional and always has the client’s best interest as his main priority.

Anne Fortini - Interior Design

It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this letter.  My project was a 3,920 square foot, beachside triplex.  When the project started I was on a thin budget.  With consultation from Erich, we were able to value engineer the project to stay within our budgetary constraints.  In fact, Erich was able to make recommendations during construction that enables us to come in even further under budget.  In addition, Erich and I worked together to complete the project and get it rented out.  Since completion, we have been able to keep it rented pretty much full time.  During that time, whenever something broke or didn't work, Erich’s team was there to stand behind their work.  I just entered into an escrow to sell the project and again, Erich was there to fix anything that needs to be done without complaining and with a great attitude.  I am delighted to recommend Erich and his team for any custom construction project.  Their service and workmanship are top notch! 

John Madrid

In the past 77 years I’ve had more than 20 addresses in 8 states and have dealt with or been subjected to dozens of contractors.  I’ve never worked with a nicer, more thoughtful one than Erich Schaefer. I found him to be honest, accommodating, adaptable and considerate of neighbors. Plus the finished product was gorgeous.   

Tony Hyman (Neighbor to 2 of Erich’s projects)

I strongly recommend Erich Schaefer and Schaefer Custom Homes when it comes to new construction and remodel work.  He did a fantastic job of building my house.  He is very honest and reliable, with a keen eye for details and good paperwork.  He had great subs who did a quality job.  I was very impressed with his work, especially since I was living out of state during the construction.  He made a lot of the right decisions for me, and also went out of the way to save me tens of thousands on materials and work.   Thank you Erich! We love our home!

 Charlie and Ada Cheatham

Schaefer Custom Homes managed our project with great integrity and personal care. Erich brings together the highest quality craftsmanship and management excellence to help you create your own masterpiece.

Joe Mistretta – Owner, Lago Giuseppe Winery

I have known and worked with Erich Schaefer for several years now and honestly believe that is one of the absolute best builders in the county. He knows his business, is diligent, honest, ethical and I simply can't recommend him enough! 

Wes Burk – Owner, Paterson Realty

We just moved into our new home in Cayucos!! We first met Erich over 20 years ago when he did a small job for us in our house in SLO. The work was such quality, that he was the first person who we thought of to build our home. He met us at the lot when it was in escrow and was side by side with us every step of the way. First, let me say Erich's word is golden! He promises and delivers.
Second, his subs were all great. We were on site more than most people as we were living less than a mile away, and we became friends with most of the subs.
Third, this was not stressful for us! We made lots of decisions, and Erich shouldered the stress for us...
If we were to ever build another project or remodel, Erich would be my first phone call! Our home truly is a custom home!

 John and Dawn Turner

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