Elizabeth Schaefer
Google review 9/1/2022

Michael Wright
Google review 8/17/2022

Erich is a great contractor, knowledgeable, patient, experienced, creative and highly trustworthy and well connected to the local building community of subcontractors, engineers, architects and materials providers. His Project Manager Chris Bahr was an absolute pleasure to work with. Our home turned out beautifully and I feel very fortunate that we had Erich and Chris on the Project.

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Thank you Michael! Building your home for you and Kathy was a true blessing. We would do it all over again with you in a heartbeat.

Kathy Wright
Google review 7/24/2022

Erich Schaefer built a beautiful custom home for us, and we would recommend him and his company to anyone that wants to enjoy a high-quality home, built with the utmost care and professionalism. Erich Schaefer is honest, patient, has high integrity, and is concerned about every aspect of building a “forever” home. He communicates very effectively and keeps track of each aspect of the building process. He is also flexible and can offer solutions to sudden problems or necessary adjustments. He really engages with the homeowner for many details and tries to find the optimum solution. Chris Bahr, our project manager, was excellent and worked very closely with us and the subcontractors to make sure the work was completed to the highest standards. We were building during Covid, and there were many times that supplies, or people were delayed, and the costs inevitably were higher than we had hoped for, but in the end, our home is exactly what we wanted, and it was worth all the effort that it took.

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Thank you for your kind review Kathy. It was a true blessing being asked to team up with you and Michael in the creation of your dream home. It was so exciting to see you vision come into view as we worked through the process. Getting to see you both settled into you now finished home has been one of the highlights of these last few, otherwise challenging, years. Thank you for including us in your lives as you transition into this next phase in your new home.

Roseann Schaefer
Google review 6/30/2022

Jo Frank
Google review 6/30/2022

I had the privilege of a tour of the home being built by Erich Schaefer of Schaefer Custom Homes on the coast of Central California. The attention to detail is evident on all levels of his work. The time and research spent to procure exactly the perfect materials for this home, and the homeowner, has created a most functional and elegant living space. It is quite simply stated an amazing work of art. I have been an interior designer on the Central Coast since 1990 and have worked with many contractors during my tenure. Over the years, I have shared in the build of multiple high end and beautiful homes. I find this project and the contractor to be exceptional. Jo Frank Interiors by Jo Frank

Reply from Business

Thank you Jo. That means a great deal coming from you!

Andrea Giambrone
Google review 12/9/2021

How could I possibly review a business I myself haven't used? Because I've known Erich (and his Dad) for decades. I have visited many of their homes. Erich is a quintessential builder. He will never disappoint you; he will always deliver a superb home. He functions with know-how, integrity and enormous understanding of the stresses of building one's dream home. You will never regret hiring him.

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Thank you Andrea! We sincerely appreciate your kind endorsement.

Kevin Small
Facebook review 12/1/2021

PleinAire Design Group has successfully worked with Schafer Custom Homes. Erich understands that the landscape is not an afterthought. He appreciates the details that make a project stand out, and the design process that we go through with clients, to get them the project they envision.

Will Portillo
Google review 11/27/2021

Erich is always exceptional and intuitive about any issue, not just building. Talk to Erich and he will bring up relevant topics such as realistic pros and cons of a project and how to go about building it. He always has his thinking cap on and he listens. For example, I spent 2 years working with several local architects and engineers without any viable solutions to my project challenges. After one meeting with Erich, we had a viable solution which I took to the architect and engineer who agreed that it would work. I was then able to obtain all the necessary permits and approvals to perform the work. I was amazed at how quickly Erich was able to help me jump through all the hoops in order to complete my project. Looking back at everyone involved in this project, they all marveled at the cleverness and simplicity of Erich's approach to the project.

Reply from Business

Thank you Will. We have enjoyed working with you to help you achieve your vision with your projects. Thank you for choosing Schaefer Custom Homes! Erich Schaefer

Oren Cohen
Google review 8/26/2021

Great service! Erich is very professional and easy to work with.

Reply from Business

Thank you Oren! It is a pleasure to work with you and your team.

Owen Cohen
Offsite review 8/26/2021

Excellent Job! Erich really knows what he is doing. Very perfectionist and professional to work with! I worked with Erich on custom doors for one of his project and he knew what he is doing. very easy and detail oriented person.

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