Jenni Chesini
Google review 5/21/2024

Schaefer Custom Homes is amazing. First of all, Erich, his family, and his team are kind people who have a deep passion for the quality of their work and for genuinely helping their clients. We have seen many examples of Schaefer Custom Homes’ work, including a spectacular (that’s an understatement!) home in Shell Beach that we had the opportunity to thoroughly tour upon its completion. Quality oozed from every square inch. We have consulted with Erich and appreciate his kindness and patience. We highly recommend Schaefer Custom Homes to anyone looking to craft a dream home that will exceed even your dreams!

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Thank you so much for your glowing review, Jenni! At Schaefer Custom Homes, we strive to deliver exceptional quality and service to every client, and we're thrilled to hear that you had such a positive experience with our team. It's our passion to bring our clients' dream homes to life, and we're grateful for the opportunity to assist you. If you ever need anything else or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you again for recommending Schaefer Custom Homes!

Ella Philips
Google review 4/26/2024

Schaefer Custom Homes has consistently delivered exceptional homes, earning a strong reputation. Their team is approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable, making collaboration a pleasure. We've worked with them on numerous custom home projects and continue to return to them for their excellent service.

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Thank you Ella! We appreciate your kind review and recognition of our service to our clients. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Gannage Design
Google review 4/25/2024

Erich and the team are great. They are very accurate with their estimating and eye for detail. They stand by their craftsmanship, their integrity, and reputation in the community. I would recommend them to all my clients.

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Thank you Gannage Design! We appreciate your recognition of our work and care for our clients. Schaefer Custom Homes

Matthew Mitchell
Google review 4/5/2024

Building Dreams with Schaefer Custom Homes. As a Client Relationship Specialist at Schaefer Custom Homes, I witness firsthand the incredible experience our clients have throughout the custom build process. From dream conception to final walkthrough, our team takes immense pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. We begin by attentively listening to each client's vision, whether it's a dream home, remodel, guest house, or ADU. Our collaborative design phase brings together architects, designers, engineers, and our skilled team to translate those dreams into detailed plans. We seamlessly integrate client input while offering valuable insights to optimize functionality and design. The construction phase is equally impressive. Our punctual and efficient crews maintain a clean and organized work environment, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the foundation to the exquisite finishes. Transparent communication is key – clients are kept informed throughout the process, and projects are completed on time and within budget. Our commitment to transparency extends beyond communication. Upfront pricing and adherence to the highest industry standards are hallmarks of Schaefer Custom Homes. It's no surprise to hear our clients say, "We are now living in our dream home, and it wouldn't have been possible without Schaefer Custom Homes." Matthew Mitchell Schaefer Custom Homes

Janell Cote
Google review 2/14/2024

We have been working with Schaefer Custom Homes in processing the pre-planning and permitting portion of our project. We have been extremely satisfied with the high level of service we received from Schaefer Custom Homes. Because of their ability to listen to our needs and concerns, and their dedication to solving problems, we now have our permits and are one step closer to building our dream home. Their attention to detail, expertise, professionalism and unwavering commitment has made this process seamless and enjoyable. We believe Schaefer Custom Homes is the premier custom home builder on the central coast.

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Thank you so much for your glowing review! We're thrilled to hear about your satisfaction with our service. It was a pleasure working with you on the pre-planning and permitting phase of your project. We're dedicated to delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience, and we're honored to be considered the premier custom home builder on the Central Coast. Looking forward to bringing your dream home to life!

Tracy Hunter
Google review 12/20/2023

A Fulfilling Journey with Schaefer Custom Homes Working for Schaefer Custom Homes has been an immensely rewarding experience, and I am delighted to share my perspective on the remarkable journey I have had as an employee of this outstanding organization. From the outset, one of the standout qualities of Schaefer Custom Homes is its unwavering commitment to excellence. The company's dedication to delivering top-tier, custom-built homes is evident in every aspect of its operations. As an employee, being a part of a team that prioritizes quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has been truly inspiring. The work culture at Schaefer Custom Homes is nothing short of exceptional. The management fosters an environment of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning. Team members are encouraged to bring their unique skills and perspectives to the table, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in the projects we undertake. This collaborative spirit not only enhances the quality of our work, but also contributes to a positive and dynamic workplace. One of the aspects that sets Schaefer Custom Homes apart is its emphasis on professional development. The company invests in its employees, providing opportunities for training and skill enhancement. This commitment to growth has allowed me to expand my skill set and take on new challenges, contributing to both personal and professional development. The company's approach to client relationships is another noteworthy aspect. Schaefer Custom Homes places a strong emphasis on communication and transparency, ensuring that clients are involved and informed throughout the building process. This commitment to customer satisfaction not only results in beautifully crafted homes, but also in lasting relationships with clients who are genuinely happy with the product. In terms of work-life balance, Schaefer Custom Homes recognizes the importance of fostering a healthy equilibrium. The company understands the demands of the industry, but actively promotes a supportive environment that values the well-being of its employees. This balance has contributed to a positive and motivated workforce. In conclusion, my time with Schaefer Custom Homes has been nothing short of exceptional. The company's dedication to quality, commitment to employee growth, and emphasis on client satisfaction make it a standout player in the custom home building industry. I am proud to be a part of a team that consistently delivers excellence, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to the success of Schaefer Custom Homes.

Celestino Corral
Google review 11/23/2023

My experience with Schaefer Custom Homes has been a consistent positive experience. I've been working with them for the past three years and I could say that the entire team at Schaefer Custom Homes are all courteous, respectful and professional. Everyone coordinates effectively making the construction process a breeze. There service is always amazing and they always strive for perfection. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable custom home builder!

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Thank you Tino. We have always enjoyed working with you and your team at Perfect Touch Painting. We look forward to many more projects together.

John Turner
Google review 11/22/2023

We have known Erich for 30 years. It was a "no brainer" to choose Erich to build our house in Cayucos. We bought the lot in 2016 and he was with us before escrow even closed. He worked closely with our architects during the design and permitting process (18 Mos.). After we broke ground, we met often as a team to ensure that we achieving what we wanted...isn't great when your builder's word is good, is on time to all meetings and builds a quality product to your needs?? That describes Erich Schaefer! Now, 5 years later, we are still in touch with Erich and consider him more than our builder...he is a trusted friend. He is still giving us advice and helping us make decisions.

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Thank you for this blessing John. Building a home with you and Dawn was one of the highlights of our 35 year custom homebuilding career. You both made the process so easy and enjoyable. We're glad you are enjoying your home. You earned it.

John Madonna
Google review 11/7/2023

We have known Schaefer Custom Homes for decades. They are well known for their thorough pre-planning design, permitting assistance and giving their clients an enjoyable building experience. Their customers are extremely satisfied with the high level of service they receive. Their attention to detail, expertise, professionalism and unwavering commitment to their clients has made them one of the premier custom home builders in San Luis Obispo County. The projects they have built are amazing. I've gotten to tour a number of them and their work is exceptional. Their ability to handle technical projects and to problem solve is truly unique. Anyone considering building a custom home or winery would be wise to contact the capable team at Schaefer Custom Homes before doing anything else.

Reply from Business

Thank you John! That means a great deal to us coming from you. We appreciate your kinds words very much.

Steve D.
Yelp review 10/6/2023

Super builders; Erich, Chris, Mark and the whole crew. My experience on the bluff house was excellent craft through the entire project.

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