What We Do

At Schaefer Custom Homes we make it easier than ever to bring your dream home to life.

Creating an entirely custom home gives you the freedom to live the way you want, in a home designed specifically for your lifestyle. Whether you want two bedrooms or ten, your options are almost unlimited.

At Schaefer Custom Homes we give you the control and expert assistance to make any home of any size a reality.

In-house Design Services

Our in-house design services are where simplicity meets elegance. Be daring and innovative with layouts, kitchens, bedrooms and more. No matter how unique your home, we’re more equipped with the skill and experience to have it built.

We’ll invite you into our design studio to take a look over our amazing projects and give you the chance to sit down with our amazing designers. This way you’ll be working directly alongside experts who can effortlessly tailor your custom home to your own unique lifestyle.

If you have any requests or particular design elements you’d like to incorporate into your design, then don’t hesitate to let our designers know. A Schaefer Custom Home is entirely moulded to you, so explore every possibility.

Construction Services.

The Schaefer Custom Homes construction service is unlike any other on the Central Coast. Our in-house design team, architects and project management all work cohesively in order to keep every minute detail under control. This allows us to stick to tight deadlines and budgets on even the most complex builds.

Our professional construction consultants, carpenters and contractors all work under one umbrella and that means each and every team member is committed to providing unrivaled quality craftsmanship.

The Steps to a New Home


Provide us your needs, desires, design preferences and any information about your site. Additionally, leave us with any information about your budget, interior styles and more.


Move on to working with our in-house design teams and let them know exactly what your dream home looks like. They’ll use your guides, budget, site and more to create the perfect home, suited exactly to you.


Once everything has been approved by you, your local building department and we’ve been provided building permits and assurance from your bank, we can begin the construction of your new home.