How We Work

We use the #1 Highest Rated Custom Builders & Remodelers Software.

At Schaefer Custom Homes, we believe our clients should in the loop at all times during a project. Whether you’re on the go using your smartphone or in the office on a laptop or tablet we want you to know exactly what’s happening.

Our innovative project management software allows us to work closely with our clients to ensure a concierge-style personal touch to everything we do. You’ll be given access to the client portal of our software so you’ll have access to just about everything project related, that means no more miscommunication.

Our Concierge Service


The Schaefer Custom Homes’ concierge experience is designed from the ground up to provide clients 24/7 access to their project updates. If you’re looking for current expenses, construction images or even conversations between builders and project managers, you’ll find them on our platform.

Our project management platform even allows our clients to choose how hands-on they’d like to be during the project. Whether you want to sit back, relax and leave everything to us or right in the thick of construction, we’ll ensure you have the freedom to do so.

We’re proud of the way our concierge-style construction service provides an enjoyable, well-rounded experience because an informed, happy client makes more educated decisions.

How it Works

At the beginning of every project, the Schaefer Custom Homes’ team will discuss with your entire project with you and compile all of your details, project information and budgetary guidelines into our concierge-style project management platform. This information is shared with our subcontractors, managers, designers and, of course, you.



The Client Platform.

Throughout the project, you’ll be able to access the client portal of our platform 24/7, on any device, to see exactly what’s happening during construction. You’ll even have a direct communication line to our designers, subcontractors and project managers so if you have any questions or want to change an aspect of your project you can do that in just a few seconds.

Within our innovative management software, you’ll find project images, progress reports, budget information, and even budget forecasting. All of this information ensures you know exactly what’s happening during your custom home build and gives you the chance to add or remove planned works.