Home Additions | San Luis Obispo, CA

Home Additions | San Luis Obispo, CA

Crafting Stunning Central Coast Homes

At Schaefer, we're setting the standard for Coastal Community remodeling contractors in San Luis Obispo and throughout Central California. Over the past decade, we have gained notoriety for providing the most effortless professional custom home redesign and remodel experience. Through innovative project management, faultless design and concierge-style customer assistance, we've made the home remodeling process easier than ever. Our team of experienced contractors work tirelessly, from capturing your initial vision to putting the finishing touches on your dream home renovation project.

Areas We Serve:

  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • Santa Maria, CA
  • Pismo Beach, CA
  • Paso Robles, CA
  • Arroyo Grande, CA
  • San Luis Obispo, CA
How Much Does a Home Addition in San Luis Obispo Cost?

How Much Does a Home Addition in San Luis Obispo Cost?

When your home starts to feel a bit cramped, but you love your neighborhood, a home addition is your best option to increase space while still living in the same place. Many homeowners first ask the question, "How much will this cost?" and unfortunately, there are no easy answers. Here are a few things to take into consideration that will affect the price of your home addition:

  • Does your home addition require plumbing or specialized electrical work?
  • How quickly does your home addition need to be completed?
  • What is your budget? Is this home addition an investment?
Benefits of Working with Schaefer Custom Homes

Benefits of Working with Schaefer Custom Homes

Streamlined Communication

We are a full-service remodeling contractor, so every part of our team (architects, designers, builders, carpenters, painters) works under one roof. This allows for seamless communication from architect to contractor to builder, and keeps our building teams right on track. When we commit to getting your project done in a timely manner, we mean it. With our streamlined communication process, our clients also receive concierge-style customer service through our Client Portal. Our Client Portal allows you to never have to wait on contractors or workers to get back to you, because you can contact your project management team 24/7 on the portal!

Unrivaled Craftsmanship

We are true craftsmen who love the work that we do. The passion that we bring to our builds results in truly spectacular builds. From choosing building materials to investing time into our craft, we don't cut corners. We are team of highly-skilled builders who pay very close attention to detail in every part of your build. Earning our client’s trust and confidence is of foremost importance to us.  We We believe businesses should be able to trust the company that they invest with to build their dream, so we make sure to treat all aspects of your home future business with the care we would our own.

Client Committed

Our reputation is the foundation of our success, one that we stand behind and live beside. We come highly recommended because we work alongside our clients and create a partnership where vision meets experience. We are committed to translating your vision into a truly personal and distinctive living experience, and that's why our customers and homeowners in San Luis Obispo give us rave reviews (see our verified reviews here). We love what we do, and we do an amazing job every time.

Why should I add an addition to my San Luis Obispo home?

Why should I add an addition to my San Luis Obispo home?

A room addition doesn't just increase the livable space in your home, it adds to the resale value, increases your home's worth, and allows you to customize your home to fit your lifestyle. Ats Schaefer Custom Homes Pacific Builders, we know just how competitive the housing market is in this area, which is why we only perform the highest-quality work in popular locations like San Luis Obispo. Not only do want to make you completely satisfied in your own home, we want help you build equity for your future.

Additional Remodeling Services in San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Complete Home Renovation and Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Bathroom Remodel
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The Coast Construction Building Process

How to Choose a Home Remodeling Contractor in San Luis Obispo, CA

We know you can't choose just anyone for your home project. Your home is precious. It holds all of the things that are most valuable to you, and it should be handled with care. Here are our recommendations for choosing the best contractor in San Luis Obispo, CA for your project!

  • Show Answer Choose a General Contractor or Building Company
  • When you're planning a home remodel, it's always best to choose a Local Business. Nobody knows San Luis Obispo and what is needed for a home here like a local resident! From property permits and local laws to what materials create the most comfortable home, local contractors know best.
  • Searching for a builder can be a challenging process.  The best way to select a builder is to think of them more as a consultant than a contractor.  A competent consultant will help you through every phase of your project bringing together a competent team of designers and consultants to make sure you avoid all the pitfalls and experience a building process that you would be happy to do again.  Speak with the builder’s referrals and ask them how they enjoyed the process and how satisfied they are with the completed work.  What you are looking to do is form a partnership with your builder which is completely different than say, hiring a plumber.  You are placing a large sum of assets in the hands of your builder.  Be certain they are worthy of your confidence and trust.
  • Positive (or negative) reviews will tell you whether a contractor actually does the incredible job they claim and if they'll be a great company to work with. Look for honesty, open communication, and client satisfaction in their client reviews.

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