Frequently Asked Questions


Can we make changes during the construction process?

The entire process is designed to be flexible to meet our client's needs as they are revealed through our in-depth pre-planning and building processes.

How do we know what we are going to get before we begin construction?

It is through a very thorough pre-construction process that we are able to ascertain the needs and wants of our clients and record them in great detail. Once these specifications are complete, they are included in our contract documents with them as well as with our subcontractors. This enables us to consistently deliver on our clients expectations.

How often do we have someone on site?

Every day to provide continuous oversight and supervision to make sure every detail is handled and any issues that come up are addressed in the shortest time possible.

How long does it take to design and build a custom home?

It takes most owners 6 to 12 months while working with the architect, to develop their design and obtain a permit. Once work begins, most homes are completed in 9 to 15 months.

How do we implement the latest in building science and technology?

Throughout the year we attend dozens of product training seminars, technology workshops and online tutorials. This enables us to bring the latest technological advancements into their home. Additionally, we are able to utilize advanced project management techniques to keep the project on schedule and master the coordination of subcontractors and material suppliers.

How do we make sure that all of their specifications get included in the scope of work?

We use a cloud based project management platform to manage our projects. All of the scope of work is imported into this platform at the start of the projects. Through this platform, all of the information is shared directly with the subcontractors and material suppliers. If any changes are made, these same individuals are immediately notified thus updating their scope of work to match the latest project updates. This also allows the owner to have access to the scope of work and make comments toward each item separately which we can share directly with the subcontractors when appropriate. By using technology in this way, we are able to greatly improve our efficiency and accuracy.


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