Accessory Dwelling Unit Builder serving San Luis Obispo County and Nearby Areas

Accessory Dwelling Unit Builder serving San Luis Obispo County and Nearby Areas

Qualified ADU Builder in San Luis Obispo County

At Schaefer, we are setting the standard for Coastal Community remodeling contractors in San Luis Obispo County and throughout Central California. Over the past decades, we have gained notoriety for providing the most effortless remodel experience. Through innovative project management, design, and concierge-style customer assistance, we've made the ADU building process easier than ever. Our team is with you every step of the way, from capturing your initial vision to putting the finishing touches on your accessory dwelling unit.
Creating an ADU (either attached or detached from your primary dwelling) gives you the freedom to live the way you want, on a property designed specifically for your lifestyle. Whether you want a secondary dwelling for family or a rental space, your options are almost unlimited. At Schaefer Custom Homes we give you the control and expert assistance to make your vision a reality.

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What are accessory dwelling units?

Accessory Dwelling Units (or ADUs) are secondary housing structures that are either built on to your existing structure or are built separate from the primary residence altogether but on the same property. California state law heavily promotes the building of ADUs, so building permits and ministerial approval for these types of projects are easy to get (especially when you let your professional builders take care of all the paperwork). Some accessory dwelling units are single rooms for an extended family member or guest housing with privacy, and other accessory dwelling units are fully equipped second homes with replacement parking. At Schaefer we'll take care of the legalities and permits so you won't ever have to stress about historic preservation guidelines or filing your planned development ordinance, you can just enjoy your brand new space!

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The Benefits of Adding a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit to Your Property in San Luis Obispo

More Space

As a simple home addition, an ADU can provide more space for your family to live and grow. We can seamlessly add an addition to your existing space that will allow freedom and privacy for your family.

Source of Income

A secondary detached ADU can provide a secondary source of income for the property owner as a rental property. This is a great option for building income without having to buy additional land in a popular area like here in San Luis Obispo!


ADUs give homeowners the flexibility to share independent living areas with family members and others, allowing seniors to age in place as they require more care. It also allows extended families privacy while still living close together.

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Full Accessory Dwelling Unit (FADU) vs. Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU)

If you're a San Luis Obispo local looking to build an accessory structure on your property, you're in a great place to do it! California law promotes the building of accessory dwelling units, so in some cases you may not even need a building permit. You are even permitted to build two ADUs on a single-family zoned property, which is one place that a JADU may be a good option for you.


A full accessory dwelling unit can be a fully functional (traditionally smaller) second home on your property, often including multiple rooms and a kitchen or dinette, with a wide range of square footage options. Usually, these larger dwellings are fully detached ADU dwellings, and subject to local jurisdiction.


A Junior accessory dwelling unit is a 500 sq. foot max ADU that is attached to your residence. An attached ADU may be a home addition, garage conversion, or above-garage granny flat. In order to take advantage of the ability to have two ADUs on your property, one of them MUST be a junior accessory dwelling unit. 

What are the limitations of an ADU?

What are the limitations of an ADU?

You are typically to make an accessory dwelling unit anything you want it to be on the inside, but there are technicalities that affect the exterior. If you're building a one bedroom unit onto an existing garage, it should be the same physical dimensions as the garage itself. An attached ADU should also match the exterior of the existing structure it is attached to, and cannot void the permit of the existing permitted structure. 

You can also be limited by the property itself.

Your ADU cannot extend beyond your property line or rear lot lines, and can usually be no higher than your primary dwelling unit. In general, your ADU must be in a similar architectural style to the existing structures on your property, the same dimensions when attached, and in the same general location as your primary dwelling. 

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